Quick Tips to Fix Small Damage at Home

tips to repair the damage at home, how to repair minor damage at home

Small damages that occur in the home is often overlooked because of busy homeowner. Though small damages can be turned into even greater if left alone.

For those of you who do have a myriad of activity, the following tips in repairing minor damage in your home.

Voice fixing doors and floors were creaking

You may be aware if the sound of a door creaking sometimes interfere with hearing. To overcome this, you simply smeared door hinges with grease or oil. But if this still does not work, you can simply lift the door hinge pin about half cm. Next live lubricate all parts with oil.

As for the sound of creaking floors due to the size of your door that may have changed, you can simply sprinkle the powder on the area around the floor in direct contact with the bottom of your door. Thus, the floors creak rubbed the door will be lost.

Wallpaper repairing walls Flaking

Wallpaper wall were chipped home a very disturbing scene. Rundown and neglected impression becomes thought by guests who visit your house.

If the wallpaper is peeling just a little, then you can fix it easily. To fix, use a knife that has been smeared with glue. Then you only apply the glue contained in a knife on the wallpaper evenly. Apply pressure on the surface of the wallpaper so that the surface is not bulging.