Synthetic Skin Care Packaging For Furniture

Care synthetic leather for furniture

Some fabric or synthetic leather has its own characteristics. This is what needs to be considered in selecting the cover fabric and synthetic leather for furniture. Plain fabric with a pattern or texture usually easier to apply, because during the process of sewing or connect no problem in meeting motif.

While the fabric with a clear motive as repetition of forms or floral for example require caution when connecting or sew. And will usually spend more than the motif plain fabric. Because the fabric with a floral motif to be stitched properly so that the motive meet and not broken.

Synthetic leather has its own elasticity. It was influenced by the synthetic skin texture. For synthetic leather thinner diminishing elasticity so that sometimes when suturing synthetic leather will be interested and increasingly prone to tearing.

Treatment of the fabric is quite easy. For the daily care of the dust enough to be cleaned every day with a duster or vacuum cleaner. To keep the colors remain bright fabric protector sprays can wear that will keep moisture from the fabric. Spray it better used on a regular basis at least twice a week to maintain the durability of the color of dullness.

Treatment of synthetic leather material is not too difficult, simply wipe so that the surface does not dry and cracked. To polish the synthetic leather with enough liquid leather shine or the like. To clean stains on the surface of synthetic leather with enough liquid soap or washing clothes can also be cleaned with eucalyptus or gasoline. Also keep it away from sharp clash so as not to hurt the surface.