7 Considerations in establishing the garage at home


Garage or parking space is often overlooked in the process of building a house. Whereas the garage one of the important aspects of a home. Not to have a car, but did not have a place to park so had to park in front of the house.

Besides not beautiful because it hinders the house, is also not safe for your vehicle. Though the construction of the garage which could either add to the aesthetics of your home. Therefore, before building a garage at the house, there are several things you should consider.

Land area

Determine the area of ‚Äč‚Äčland to be built for the garage. Spacious garage should certainly be wider and longer at least one meter from the size of the vehicle to be parked. This is important so that you easier to park the car and the car can be parked comfortably.

The layout of the garage

Think about the location of the garage at home. Choose a location that makes it easy to enter and exit the car. You should also pay attention to the direction and flow of vehicles on the road that borders your garage.

The garage door

There are many types of doors that can be applied to the garage. Minimalist design for the garage, you can choose the type of garage doors with folding method, the type of iron that can be pushed to the side, and the door to the system drawn up (rolling door).


Determine the material to be used for flooring. You can use a variety of materials such as ceramic, concrete or stucco rebates, and natural stones.

Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, a ceramic material that is rich in texture, color and pattern, but are susceptible to rupture. While the plaster does not have texture, but is able to withstand the weight of the car. Natural stone material not susceptible to mold and mildew.

Air conditioners

Consider outfitting the garage with space cooling. The vehicle’s engine will emit heat after being used all day. Air conditioning can neutralize heat faster machines.

You can use a self-contained air conditioning system. Add insulation in the walls, floor and ceiling before applying the air conditioning.

Storage shelves

Complete garage with storage shelves. Shelves can be used to store tools or equipment mechanic needs the car. In order for the garage remains tidy and never looked messy, consider having one to two storage.


You can build a garage according to taste. Note the color, the shape of the doors, windows, and the landscape outside the garage. All directly affect the overall look of the building.

Feels Narrow house? This might cause!

Care synthetic leather for furniture

Have you been playing to his neighbor’s house and feel more comfortable and roomy than your home? In fact, the same size with the size of your home. The interior was not much different.

If you have this then you would have to guess if your neighbors are doing renovations to transform her house that became more widespread.

Well, before you plan to do renovations, first check the cause why your home feels congested and narrow.

Everything was matching

Sofa, carpets, curtains, sofa cushions to have a matching color. Besides giving the impression of a dull, matching color will make the room feel cramped because everything feels as if fused.

Blending the colors do not have to make the whole of the same color, but can also use a motive. Plain color can be used for the sofa and walls, but curtains and carpets nothing wrong with using patterned.

TV is too big

Admit it you’ll be pleased with the large-sized TV. The problem is, if your home is narrow, then your walls so monopolized by the size of the TV. Moreover, the TV also reflect light that makes your eyes become less comfortable.

So adjust the size of the TV with the extent of your room. Besides TV that is too large will also reflect a very loud noise and cause an uncomfortable echo in your home.

Wallpaper dark color

Dark colors is a trend this year. But this does not mean you can change the whole wall goes dark. Dark colors like maroon, dark green or dark blue will absorb the light, make the room dark and cramped.

If indeed you are interested in applying a dark wall color, choose one side only, while others leave brightly colored walls.

The window is too small

A small window makes the house became too closed so that you will feel crushed because they can not see the environment outside the home. Try to have a long window and use blinds that reach the lower end of the window.

Long curtains are opened with draped to the side will look more beautiful than the curtains were opened by rolled up.

Didn’t notice the size of the goods

If your house is minimalist with an area that is also limited, do not use big furniture-especially if the furniture is hand-me-down from your parents are usually large and old-fashioned.

Check back the size of your room and choose furniture that is appropriate. Delish has a small furniture such as cabinets, so limit the number of items you’d like to spend given the limited capacity of the wardrobe.

7 Tips for narrow rooms to make it more useful

Creating solutions Ventilation in place Narrow

Not everyone is lucky to have a wide occupancy. Limited financial leverage is usually a major constraint. However, narrow house or apartment can be transformed into a comfortable dwelling. Creativity utilizing vertical furnishings and every room in the house can be a solution.

Consider the seven tips you can do to turn the interior design of a house or apartment is small.

Create Angle Wall Shelves

Look around the house, you may be surprised at some corner of a room that is not used optimally. Create installation rack ‘floating’ (bottom rack will not touch the floor).

Shelf model is not only going to increase storage space, but also presents an interesting visual to beautify the room.

Towels in the Rear Door Hangers

Do not forget the small space behind the door. The door can be used as a perfect place to hang towels without having to use a wall in the bathroom.

Thus, the room where the towels will not make the bathroom more narrow. Consider part of the door to be closed perfectly, to prevent rod towel rack banged up falling.

Large mirrors

The large mirror can completely change the perspective of a room. Not only will provide additional light, the mirror will also give the illusion of a room look larger than it actually is. Select a mirror with unique frame to give accent to your room.

Keep towels in Wall

Utilizing the existing space. Do not leave the walls empty and not in use, especially in small bathrooms.

Create a storage area that is fast, easy and light. Use baskets and governance in the image to store your towels.

Wall Information

Create one wall in your home into one place information with each family member can view the calendar, menu what to eat, or special notes to make you stay organized family activities.

To make it, you just need a place to install the wall as a blackboard that contains all the information.

Create Storage above sink

You have a limited set of drawers and a table to store personal belongings? Make a simple wooden shelf and plug in the wall above the sink. Make sure you use a waterproof pad in the bottom of the rack from becoming damp.

The curtains as a room divider

If you are sharing a room room with your kids, consider using curtains as room dividers with them. This can also be done in studio type apartment for separating the living room to the bedroom. The curtains be a good solution if you do not want to change the shape of the building.

Considerations for selecting the form of roofs


The roof construction of the house is an important part that should not be made carelessly. The house roof as well as protector of the house from heat and rain, must be strong and sturdy. The roof shape varies minimalist home, you can choose the model roof shield, or form gable.

Shape roof of the house can be adapted to your home. For example, house minimalist type using a simple flat roof shape or form of a standard roof. Choosing a house roof forms besides adapted to house must also be adapted to the weather conditions in your area. If you are in the area of Houston, you can consult with experts of commercial roofing in Houston

If you’re lacking inspiration related forms of roof for a minimalist home, you can also search the internet or home design magazines. The roof shape adapted to the type of minimalist home.

Roof forms a modest home. You may be one simple design minimalist home owners. Roof of the house can be a simple minimalist roof shield to give the impression of a house look more luxurious. The model of this shield can be formed with a slope of 35 degrees, and comprises four sides of the field. The triangular shape for 2 Bisang and two trapezium-shaped field again.

The roof shape modern minimalist home. For this type of roof is suitable for modern minimalist house roof is a combination of a flat shape and shield. Flat roof form is used for the porch of the house. While the rear you can modify the shape of a shield. Form of flat roofs using concrete materials. You can take advantage of a flat roof to sit back looking at the natural surroundings. But one thing disadvantages when it rains, the water flow less smoothly.

If earlier you have to know the type of roof and simple modern minimalist home. Time you can take inspiration from the shape of the roof of the house that is adapted to the weather in your area.

Hot weather tends to occur in urban areas. Surely you want the coolness and tranquility inside the house. You can choose the form gable. Form gable composed of two inclined planes that intersect in the center, most people refer to it as the ridge. The slope of the roof can be 30 to 45 degrees. The advantage home will not be felt quickly heat and easier maintenance.

For this type of roof on a minimalist house in cold regions such as in the mountains or peaks, more commonly used form of a flat roof. Do not forget to give a little hole where the discharge of water when it rains. Thus with the shape of the roof, the house will feel warmer.

Besides you pay attention to other forms of roofing, you also need to adjust the shape of the roof of a minimalist home with material. Asbestos material or tile is an option to form a shield and a saddle roof. As for the flat roof model house you can choose the ingredients of concrete, asphalt tile, and bamboo blend with concrete materials.

5 Paint Color Combinations For minimalist

color combinations

Selection of matching paint color combination is great support in creating the impression of an expensive house and magnificent. Dozens of paint color choices available in material stores often makes us become very dizzy have to choose which one. Whereas if we are wrong, the resulting color combinations will make your home look to be bad. Especially if your home is a type of minimalist home. Of course the selection of error will cause the loss of color combination looks luxurious and elegant home. Therefore, insight into the selection of color combinations is very necessary.

To obtain such insight, it helps you listen to some examples of paint color combinations that might be a reference for your minimalist home.

1. Choose a combination of black and gray

To give effect to the firm and luxury homes, you can choose a combination of these colors. Apply black paint on the narrow course. As for the gray paint, you can painting in a wider area. That way, your house not only looks luxurious, but also look spacious and comfortable.

2. The combination of black and purple

To bring home a dynamic impression, you can try a combination of black and purple paint. Choose the color purple is not too old to make it look soft and pleasing to the eye.

3. The combination of orange and beige

If you want to bring home a festive impression, you can choose a combination of beige and orange paint. Preferably, the color orange will you use are light orange. Not too old because it will effect a little excessive.

4. The combination of gray and pink

Paint color combinations of gray and pink is suitable for those who wish to bring home an elegant appearance. Instead, you highlight the color gray as the color pink is more suitable to be used as a distraction only.

5. The combination of gray and green

Combination of gray and light green is very fitting applied minimalist home is a beautiful environment. Because, so your house will look more airy and pleasing to the eye.