The facade design minimalist

The facade design is minimalist

Home design with minimalist theme usually have the feature displays only the elements that are considered necessary only. Its application in the design of the display face to produce building a simple, not a lot of details or ornaments are added as the design of the house with a classic theme laden detail.

The material used in the design of minimalist home is also not much. Usually do not use different materials in a single display face of the building, just perform finishing on the walls of the building with plain plaster. However, in its application to the design minimalist house today, not a few people that combines minimalist design with natural elements like natural stone or wood.

The colors used are also not much in the design of the facade. Usually only use a combination of natural colors such as beige with dark brown combination, or other monochrome color. There are some also who uses striking colors to break up the cold impression of a minimalist home design, such as adding red or yellow on one of the walls or other building elements, to bring up the point of view of the overall design of the facade of the house. So that minimalist home design become more harmonious and not monotonous.

Light or lighting used is also aimed at providing a more dramatic effect with the game as well as natural light to artificial light to produce an effect into space. Light used usually to highlight one desired part as a focus / center of the most interesting elements in a series of minimalist facade design house. So you should not hesitate to apply a minimalist design in your home, because minimalism does not always give the impression of cold and monotonous.