The importance of managing air quality and emissions

Pollution air

Air pollution has long been a major issue and develop in all walks of life are increasingly aware of the importance of a clean and healthy environment.

Waste Monitoring System Air commonly known “Continuous Emission Monitoring System” is more widely used in various industries that emit combustion gases continuously and very significant.

The burning process that occurs in boilers, furnaces, smelters, heater, rotary kilns and other gas emissions of CO2 and other gas impurities were able to increase the accumulation of CO2 in the air as one of the greenhouse gases that cause global warming (Global Warming).

Global warming can no longer be denied serious problems as a result of disruption of the current global environmental balance of the planet.

Global warming and acid rain is something that is often a topic that continues to grow. It is caused by the increasing number of pollutants from transportation and disposal of industrial activities in addition to the reduction in plant population as a neutralizing agent such contaminants.

The government has issued regulations ambient air quality and emissions for all kinds of industrial activities and provide sanctions and the award to the company in a nurturing environment.

Your company needs to monitor air quality refers to the regulations issued by the central and local governments use sophisticated tools such as MRU Instruments gas analyzer for monitoring emissions in industrial settings. By knowing the quality of air, your company can handle air pollution and finding solutions change. It also has benefits such as precise control of air pollution; Increasing the level of environmental liabilities; Improve the performance of the company. and Comply with regulations related to air quality.