The way home doesn’t leak during the rainy season

Home leaked

As the rainy season arrives, some homeowners are beginning to be aware of all the home condition from both inside and outside. The only purpose is to find out whether there is a clogged ceiling, a damp wall, or a leaking home roof.

Mainly, the most common haunting problem is the third condition of a leaking home roof. The cause of the leaky roof is also diverse, it may be because there is something vent, steep slope of the roof, poor roofing installation, to the roof of the rooftop.

It should not do the roof inspection at least twice a year. When routine is done, repairs will be cheaper and easier when compared to repairing the roof with a bad condition.

When the roof of the house is leaked, the first aid that a homeowner can do as soon as possible is to locate exactly where the problem resides and fix it by covering the anti-leaked coatings coat.

In choosing anti-leaking coatings should not be careless. In addition to having to look at the substance of the substance, consider also the brand or brand to guarantee the quality and the result.

This anti-leaking coat of paint has elastic, waterproof, and resistant to any kind of weather either hot or rainy, which is suitable for use on surfaces of concrete, concrete, asbestos, galvanized / zinc and terracotta surfaces.

Anti-leakage paint is also ideal for use in various rooms in the house ranging from bathroom walls, side walls, roof houses, and other areas often exposed to rainwater. There are a variety of interesting paint color options presented so they can provide a decorative touch on the house.

In order to paint anti-leaking coatings can provide the best results, the way the application becomes the fixer. Below are the steps to be taken before and when using them:

  • Clean the surface from dirt, dust, rust, oil, mold, and paint that is outdated with Lenkote Biocidal Wash and dry.
  • Further dilute the product by using clean water by 10 – 20% for the first layer and without diluting for the second layer.
  • Apply a leakproof coat of paint on the surface of a roof, concrete or wall having a cracked hair with coffee (smaller paint brushes and finer fur) so that the gaps are filled perfectly.
  • The next step is the app. Make sure the area to be overlaid is completely dry. Apply anti-leaching coat evenly evenly until the final spreading power is 2 m2 / kg per layer depending on surface porosity, thickness of paint layer and substrate surface type.
  • Make sure the entire surface, especially the rough and unevenly coated perfectly. Can also use airless spray tool to apply this paint.