This How To Take Care of Flowers

flowers are always fresh Tips

Often made dizzy by difficult treatment plants? Especially if you want to plant flowers will definitely be a big consideration. Weather and erratic climate influences make it difficult to plant flowers home favorite. But basically any plant flowers even though need to get the water intake. With the basic principle of diligent care by water, at least not feel dry flowers.

Treatment on flower also not just watered with water but also requires extra care if you want to make flowers remain in bloom, beautiful, and not wilted. Here are ways to care for flowers that seem always fresh.

If the flowers are in vases and pots:

  1. Clean pots and vases. If you want flowers planted in pots, soil and fertilizer inputs sufficiently in order to keep the plants growing and flowering. As for the use of flower vases use clean water to soak the flower stalk.
  2. Cut the tip of the stem on the plant flowers until tapered so that water can seep through the stem. And avoid interest of heat or exposed to direct sunlight. This avoids interest quickly so as not withered or dead. Good sunlight to plant flowers between the hours of 7 am to 11 noon. After that the interest should be moved to a more shaded.
  3. Move the location of the leaf if touching the surface of the water in the vase to avoid the growth of bacteria in the vase. Dried flower watering should be done every morning or evening.
  4. Note the quantity of water when watering. If there are leaves and withered flowers are cut immediately. Moreover, when leaves or flowers that wilted cut, will produce more flowers.