Tips Eliminate Paint Odor!

Tips Eliminate Paint Odor

In this year, there is no harm to fix the appearance of the house. Repaint some walls could be one of the activities that can be done.

But the question that arises is, how do I remove the smell the scent of new paint applied to the wall?

All types of paint certainly left smell relatively the same after it is applied and the actual smell will disappear by itself over time. However, because the paint is made from a mixture of chemicals, odor spreads may contain hazardous substances that threaten the health of residents, especially for those who are vulnerable to asthma are shortness of breath may recur due to foreign odors.

There are several practical and fast way that can be done to expel the stinging smell of paint and usually within a few hours the smell of paint will be reduced by using the following ways.

The first way is to put some bowl filled with water and salt in the room who felt a strong smell of paint. The second way is to use onions. Split into two parts onions are then dipped into a large basin or bucket already filled with water. Then place the bowl in a freshly painted room.

The third way, we can also put a large bucket of water mixed with one tablespoon of liquid ammonia. In this way it took up all night to get rid of the smell of paint in total. Whereas the latter method is considered the most potent repel paint smell very quickly is by hanging a few cloves of garlic in front of a fan and the wind blowing point on the freshly painted walls.