Tips implement Green Lifestyle at home

Green Lifestyle tips at home

Healthy lifestyle, better known by the name indeed central to the green lifestyle trend among the urban community. If you want to apply this lifestyle we can start from home, because if in the residence alone we can do so outside also we can do the same thing.

Here is how to implement a healthy lifestyle or a green lifestyle that is easy to be practiced at home.

Use of gas stoves more secure than the kerosene stove or electric stove. Wearing an electric stove or kerosene is not recommended because it will further depleting natural resources and making use of electricity is higher.

Use the air conditioner only as needed. Air conditioner or air conditioner turned on non stop can cause the air outside becomes hotter and stuffy and cause the greenhouse effect around the house.

Eat foods derived from vegetable protein, reduce the consumption of red meat because it contains a lot of fat and cholesterol is not good for health. Increase consumption of vegetables and fruits. For meat, choose white meat such as poultry and processed foods sea.

Reduce use of plastics in the house. If you want to shop outside, use paperbag or bring their own shopping bags made of fabric and can be used repeatedly. Although there is a plastic material that is easily biodegradable oxium, you should still reduce the use of plastic.

Do not forget to plant at home in order to keep the atmosphere cool and beautiful. Needless to large plants such as shade trees, plants in small pots or vines can be an alternative to a more ideal choice.

A healthy lifestyle is actually easy to implement, but maintain it until it becomes a choice of life would not be easy. It takes commitment and perseverance in carrying out any more friendly lifestyle is. Therefore, live the green lifestyle at home for the benefit of you and your family.