Tips to effectively clean the coffee stains on the carpet

carpet clean tips

Average carpet made from fiber that is so easy to absorb liquid. When little spilled coffee, the carpet will be quite difficult to clean. Moreover, the absorption carpet high enough fluids to stain so quickly widened.

Then what you can do to remove coffee stains from your carpet? First, you should immediately wash water spills coffee on the carpet before it dries. Water spilled coffee freshly easier to clean. Methods to clean it is relatively simpler than the already dry and adhere.

The easiest way to clean up spilled fluid new coffee is, start from the outer and then continue up the middle. If you start from the middle, then the coffee stains will only widen.

Remember, never rub with coarse carpet. Scrubbing can damage the carpet fibers. We recommend using a pressing motion so the carpet is not damaged.

* Use a clean towel to remove coffee stains from the carpet. Emphasize repeatedly until liquid is absorbed all the coffee on the carpet. The next step, splashed cold water around the stain, and then press the carpet with a clean cloth until the stain is completely gone coffee.

As for cleaning coffee stains that have dried up, the process is actually more or less the same, just that you have to repeat it several times so that the stain is completely gone.

The method can apply to clean the coffee stain is dried by first soaking the stained area, then continue with the same process as you clean the stains from coffee spills are still new.

If the stain in a few hours or days and then appeared again, it means the coffee liquid seeped deep enough. Often after cleaning, at the edge of the area that appears tarnished ring stains on the carpet.

If that happens, try to repeat the cleaning process again. Additional process that you can apply is to put a wet towel in the area, and press for a few hours with a heavy object.

Lastly, use a fan that wet carpet area dries quickly, so it does not cause odor.