Tricks to Make Living Confined Looks Wider

line pattern lines to the interior, the impression of a pattern of horizontal lines

Has a narrow living room will make you feel less comfortable especially when there are many guests who visit. The room will feel tight and to grip. However, these conditions do not make you continue to complain because you can outsmart.

Using a few tricks camouflage the room, you can make the living room look more spacious than the actual size. You do not need to force yourself to renovate or even moving house. Maximize just what is.

Here’s the trick to make your living room look more spacious narrow.

  • Use sofa that looks sleek and simple without armrest. If you want to add a pillow, choose a simple pattern.
  • Sometimes do not need to put a sofa or chair that takes up a lot of space because you can install carpet comfortable to sit cross-legged and relax on it.
  • If you want to display the painting, then select the paintings are minimalist and quite simply one or two pieces only.
  • Avoid putting too much furniture which is great because it will narrow the space. Select only the multifunctional furniture.
  • Paint the walls of your living room with light and neutral colors, such as white so that the room seem more spacious.
  • Post a bright light lamp. Bright living room will make it seem more spacious.