Using Bread for Clean Painting

Using Bread for Clean Painting

What are your breakfast this morning? Generally, most people prefer to eat bread with milk or with other toppings to obtain good energy supply in starting the activity. But you know if it turns white bread can be used to clean the painting?

Not only tea that can lighten the color of the carpet, a piece of white bread were also able to clean the painting in your home. If you find it difficult to clean dust and dirt on the painting, then you can use it as a cleaner.

Several paintings in your home may not be entirely coated with glass. Painting on the wall of the house can quickly become dust and become breeding a variety of feces floating in the air. To clean it, you should not use water or other chemicals, as it turns out it can damage the paint colors contained in your painting. You certainly do not want to find out if your painting becomes unsightly because it had become faded paint color is not it?

As a solution, you can use a cheap white bread this. Surely groceries this one instead of intentionally wasted by using it as a cleansing agent such as painting furniture.

To clear the way in which this painting is quite easy. You simply paste this bread on parts painting dusty or dirty. Simply wipe and press gently until the dust and the dirt attached to the surface of the bread.

Believe it or not, this method proved quite effective because the surface of the bread that is easy to absorb a wide range of solid and liquid substances.