What Function Overhead Crane?

overhead bridge cranes

Overhead crane is a transfer tool that has a structure like the bridge of the strut frame at both ends with wheels to run along the rail track on the floor. Crane can be operated manually and can also be operated with electricity. Most cranes today is driven by an electric motor, so that the crane is known as electric overhead traveling crane.

Overhead cranes commonly used in industrial environments especially steel making industry and other metals such as copper and aluminum. At every step of the manufacturing process up to leaving the factory so that it becomes a finished product metal handled using an overhead crane .In addition automobile industry uses an overhead crane for handling raw materials. And storage facilities. Almost all paper mills using Overhead Bridge Cranes for routine maintenance requires the removal of heavy press rolls and other equipment. Bridge cranes used in the initial construction paper machines because they make it easier to install heavy cast paper, iron drum drying and other large equipment, some weighing as much as 70 tons.

Overhead crane is one type of transport equipment used in the industry. The function of this tool is to move or lift loads of material from one place to another. Overhead crane itself can be classified into several types:

  • Overhead Bridge Crane
  • Overhead Gantry Crane
  • Overhead Crane jibs

Here are some uses of the overhead crane and the type of overhead cranes, overhead cranes are needed in a large-scale industry.