What is Minimalist Home?

minimalist house

Often you see a building with a large land area, the concept of home design minimalist. Not that narrow area are a concern to make a minimalist design. The minimalist design does give the impression of simple and sweet in your home. So what exactly is the minimalist house?

Home needs a safe, comfortable, and practical bound to be desired. With many activities outside the home is increasingly crowded so time hanging out with family noticeably reduced. In this era, the minimalist often a choice for family comfort.

As for the house with a minimalist style arises because the presence of a modern house style with a more simple development, especially in its interior. This also seemed to reflect the lifestyle of today who tend practical and fast.

Here are the physical characteristics of a minimalist home building:

  • Their construction straight line with a flat plane
  • Every meeting of the fields, it will show elbow-perpendicular
  • Construction for volume, shaped metrics
  • There are looping module
  • Air circulation and quick light
  • Form a multifunctional space and sequential
  • And the system is clear and neat structure

As in principle, this minimalist design house prefers simplicity with more emphasis on the accuracy of its functions, possibly from the interior or exterior. Thus, both the minimalist house has exterior and interior design as minimal as possible as minimal in furnishings or furniture, the walls are clean, wall decor accents around the room, and so forth.